Frans Timmermans and key stakeholders to discuss climate change in Budapest

 Frans Timmermans and key stakeholders to discuss climate change in Budapest

Fighting climate change is an increasingly urgent, long-term task that we must pursue even in the current circumstances. Different aspects of the economy must be addressed and that is the goal of the Budapest Climate Summit, set to take place for the first time on 9 October 2020. The event aims to bring together stakeholders from different sectors to face the challenges of climate change together.

The European Commission has been a key enabler and supporter of the green transition. The EU executive upheld the priorities of the European Green Deal even in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and earmarked 30 per cent of the entire recovery package for climate protection. At the Budapest Climate Summit Frans Timmermans, Executive Vice-President of the Commission will speak about the Commission’s plans to deliver on the objectives set out in the European Green Deal.

The majority of large companies, institutions and policymakers are aware that climate change is impacting all sectors of the economy. Corporate stakeholders from a variety of sectors will discuss the challenges and opportunities of implementing green strategies to achieve a more sustainable business model. In particular, the Summit’s speakers will include executives of leading companies such as E.ON, TESCO, MVM, Shell and BMW.

The discussion will touch aspects such as the future of transportation and especially how we can manage to reduce its harmful environmental impacts. Besides, transport is an important part of city life, therefore a panel will be dedicated to the development of a smart city ecosystem, where city leaders will share their experience and insights on the transformation of urban areas with sustainable solutions.

Budapest will be the arena of all these discussions. In the light of the European consensus, the Hungarian parliament adopted a climate law, that set out the legally binding commitment of reaching climate neutrality by the middle of the century. At the Summit, different policymakers will present how the government plans to deliver on this commitment and encourage sustainable economic transformation.

The Summit is organised under the honorary patronage of László Palkovics, Minister for Innovation and Technology, who will open the conference. The conference will be organised with a limited number of guests and in compliance with the highest safety regulations to guarantee the safety of all participants. Online tickets are also available for the conference, that provides virtual access to the live streaming of Budapest Climate Summit.

The agenda of the event can be viewed here.

This article was originally published on CEENERGYNEWS, the official media partner of Budapest Climate Summit.