Alastair Marke

Director-General, Blockchain & Climate Institute (BCI)

Alastair Marke is currently the Director-General of the Blockchain & Climate Institute (BCI), which is a think tank supporting governments in the deployment of blockchain and emerging digital technologies to achieve climate change policy goals. He is a co-drafter of the ISO 14097 climate finance standard and a UK representative on ISO 22739 blockchain and distributed ledger technologies standard (use case, smart contract and governance) working groups. In the UK, Alastair chairs the Energy, Climate Change & Green Finance Committee of the British Blockchain Association; and serves as an ad hoc Expert Advisor to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain.

Alastair is a seasoned climate change and innovation policy advisor in the field of international development. Seeing the dire need to accelerate global efforts to fill the current climate finance gap, Alastair co-founded the BCI composing over 80 experts from 30 countries. The group has produced the world's first book on blockchain and climate change issues - "Transforming Climate Finance & Green Investment with Blockchains" released in July 2018. Alastair is a recognised speaker and strategist of a series of innovation projects that apply blockchain to renewable energy, green finance and disaster risk insurance, etc. His forthcoming book will be on blockchain and emissions trading law.