Antonella Sopranzetti

Director, Government Relations and Advocacy Europe, Low Carbon Solutions/Upstream, ExxonMobil

Following her graduation in Chemical Engineering, Antonella joined Esso Italiana, the main operating company of the ExxonMobil group in Italy, in 1993.
She moved to Augusta Refinery in Sicily in 1996 and after two years as contact enginner she had the opportunity to move to Esso UK, where she worked in Retail.

When she returned to Rome she held managerial positions in Retail and Customer Service.
In 2003 she became Government Relations & Issues Manager, in the Public and Government Affairs Department.
She then moved to the EU Affairs Office in Brussels until November 2009.
She then took on the role of Media & Communication Manager in Italy,until August 2014, when she became Public & Government Affairs Manager.
In January 2019 she joined the EU Affairs team of the ExxonMobil European Headquarter in Brussels, where she is currently responsbile for government relations and advocacy in Europe for Climate and Energy related topics, Low carbon Solutions and Upstream.