Balázs Németh

Chief Executive Officer, Porsche Hungaria

Balázs Németh started his career at Porsche Hungaria in 2001, where he has been climbing the corporate ladder. Over the years, he became acquainted in detail with the operation of all departments. From 2004, he was the sales manager of the Volkswagen brand, and from 2007 to 2011 he was directing the Porsche Buda dealership. He returned to Porsche Hungaria in 2011, when he was appointed Volkswagen's Brand Manager. In 2017, he decided to face new challenges and started to work as an independent consultant. After a few years, in January 2021, he returned to Porsche Hungaria – with renewed strength – as the new CEO of the company.


Porsche Hungaria has a special, privileged role in the domestic motor vehicle distribution, and has been a market leader since its establishment. Balázs Németh considers his most important task to be for the company to keep this position in the market. Another important mission is to make Porsche Hungaria an attractive, prestigious workplace for its employees.