Barna Tánczos

Minister of Environment, Waters and Forests, Romania

Barna Tánczos is the Romanian minister of the Environment, Waters and Forests and senator within the Romanian Parliament. Between 2007 – 2012 he also played an important role as secretary of state, within several ministries, as follows: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Development and Tourism, Ministry of Transport.

He directly contributed to the progress that has been made in reference to the integration of all environmental considerations into the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP), as vice president of the Committee on Agriculture, Food Industry and Rural Development within the upper house in the bicameral Parliament of Romania.

Concerning the education and professional training: he graduated the Special training for senior civil servants, the Romanian Banking Institute, training on marketing policies for SMEs. He has a license in economic studies and a Master’s degree issued by the Romanian National Defense University. His mother tongue is Hungarian, he is also fluent in Romanian and English.