Ferenc Hódos

Strategic Director, Pannonia Bio; Vice-President of Hungarian Biofuel Association

Ferenc Hódos joined Pannonia Bio – one of Europe’s largest biorefinery, a member of the Hungarian Biofuel Association in 2017 as a Strategic Director. He also acts as Vice President at HBA. He has been a regular participant in policy discussions about renewables in Hungary, CEE, and Brussels. He previously worked for Hungarian Export-Import Bank and held senior corporate finance positions at various Hungarian Banks. Ferenc studied at CAH Dronten Agri University in the Netherlands and at the College of Finance and Accountancy in Budapest.

Due to its comparative advantages, Hungary is the leading biofuel producer in the EU and ranks third globally in the per capita production of biofuels. Members of HBA are dedicated to using state-of-the-art production processes and invest continuously in the development of new bio-based technologies such as biomethane production. Biofuels are available today to offer high CO2 emissions reduction, sustain thousands of jobs in mostly rural areas and support the efforts towards a more sustainable transport sector and a greener economy. Furthermore, biorefineries are increasing Europe’s protein self-sufficiency by producing various protein-rich food and feed products.