Tahir Kapetanovic

Chair, ENTSO-E System Operations Committee; Head of National Control Center of Austrian Power Grid AG

Tahir Kapetanovic is Head of Power Grid Control – the national control centre of the Austrian Power Grid, the TSO of Austria. In ENTSO-E he is Chair of the System Operations Committee, where earlier he managed the development of operational network codes and the regional TSOs’ coordination. In TSC he was a member and chair of the Operational Board.

Between 2001 and 2011 he was Director of Electricity at the Austrian energy regulator E-Control. While at E-Control, he established and led numerous working groups of CEER, ERGEG and – upon its setup in 2010 – ACER. Tahir was a founding member of the EU Technology Platform Smart Grids and served EU Commission in Smart Grids groups and task forces.

Between 1992 and 2001 he held positions in the private sector and industry, starting his career end of 1980-ies as a university assistant and lecturer.
Dr Kapetanovic is a licensed System Operator of the Austrian transmission grid and licensed trader on EPEX Spot and EEX. He holds Dipl.-Ing. and MSc in power systems from the University of Zagreb, PhD in power systems from TU Wien and an Executive MBA from the University of Minnesota and Vienna University of Economics and Business.