Trang Nguyen Thu

Head of Energy Efficiency Business Development, MET Central Europe

Trang Nguyen Thu is responsible for exploring new opportunities as well as innovative product and services projects with her team to guide our business partners all the way of becoming more efficient in the field of energy consumption. MET Central Europe offers global energy efficiency services for the large industrial users as well as for small and medium enterprises from the phase of energy review and energy audit and even through the overall project management of efficiency investments.

Trang Nguyen Thu started her career in MOL Group in 2008, where she gained valuable experience in the fields of treasury, upstream operation, and became Exploration & Production Project Support Manager in 2012. She joined MET Hungary in 2013 as Wholesale Director, and from 2016 she took part in laying the foundations of a new business line in the company, focusing on business project management and development.
From 2023 she took the role to build up Energy Efficiency Business Development, a new field within the energy efficiency division of MET Central Europe.
In her new role Trang and her team is committed to take a leading part in programs changing the energy mind set and implementing complex engineering solutions to establish more efficient process for energy consumption and respect to environmental protection and aiming to create sustainable answers.