Zoltan Vígh

executive director of JÁK Hungarian E-Mobility Cluster

Zoltan Vígh is the executive director of the JÁK Hungarian E-Mobility Cluster. The organisation was founded in 2014 as a national cooperation platform of the relevant stakeholders (government, business, academia and NGOs) to promote the issues of the clean energy and mobility transition in Hungary. The JÁK Cluster acts as a centre of excellence, gathering best international practice and sharing knowledge. It is a member organisation of he European Battery Alliance and the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance as well.

Mr Vígh, a specialist on European Affairs, is a graduate of the Moscow State University of International Relations and the Budapest University. He started his career as a lecturer at the Department of East European Affairs at Budapest University. Between 1994 and 2014 he held different positions in the national media, covering mostly international topics related to European Union and NATO issues. In that capacity, Mr Vigh was also the senior Brussels correspondent of the Hungarian National Public Television and Radio from 2009 till 2014. In 2015, before joining the Cluster, he worked in Brussels as an independent expert and analyst of European energy and security policy. He is a member of the EU Government Support Group for the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure.