Csaba Kiss

Chief Technical Officer at MVM Hungarian Electricity Ltd.

Csaba Kiss is holding a PhD degree from Vienna University of Technology, and an MBA degree from Buckinghamshire New University in the UK.

Mr Kiss has a 30-year career in the power generation industry and a solid management and business leadership experience since 1999 as Executive Managing Director and Plant Manager of operating different complex power plants of remarkable size and power plant portfolios and businesses. He had worked with major multinational integrated utilities (AES and EON), and Power Service companies (Alstom and GE) for 19 years. He had operated and developed coal, biomass, oil and gas power plants and co-generation, CCGT, steam/ranking cycle, gas-motor, wind and PV power plant technologies as well.

Csaba Kiss has international experience in conducting business and managing projects in the U.S., Brazil and Europe.