7 December, 2022

Hotel Marriott Budapest


About us

Budapest Climate Summit is a niche event focusing on the green transition of the CEE region’s economy.

The summit brings together policymakers, industry experts, corporate leaders, technology pioneers and next-generation sustainable leaders to share their perspectives on how to enable businesses and civil society to deliver actions necessary to achieve our common climate objectives.

The first Budapest Climate Summit took place in 2020, and since then it became an important yearly meeting point for climate and sustainability stakeholders. Distinguished speakers are coming from all around the world to discuss the green transformation of the economy in light of the 2050 climate targets. Encouraged by the huge success of the previous events the Budapest Climate Summit will be organised this year as well, on 7 December in Hotel Marriott Budapest.

Our Objectives

  • To boost ambition and accelerate actions to meet the climate challenge
  • To demonstrate and support collective action in the real economy by providing a platform to share strategies and visions
  • To become a catalyst for innovative solutions that enables a shift toward a sustainable future
  • To raise awareness and focus the attention of governments, companies, cities and civil society on the imminent challenge of climate change
  • To provide an opportunity for open, public stakeholder debate on the implementation of the European Green Deal

Hot topics

At the Budapest Climate Summit you will learn about:

  • The war fought on the energy front: How does the war in Ukraine impact Europe’s decarbonisation efforts?

  • On the road towards a low-carbon economy: How do companies contribute to making their operations and the economy more sustainable and resilient across various industries?
  • Innovation, the key rriver of sustainability: What are the top technological innovations that will shape the sustainability agenda of the future?

  • The future of circular economy: How should we enhance the uptake of a low-carbon, climate-resilient circular economy where today’s products are tomorrow’s resources?

  • Sustainable finance and investment: What is the role of green-finance in climate change mitigation?

  • Clean transport and smart mobility: How can we cut the emissions of the transportation sector which accounts for almost one-third of the European carbon emissions?
  • ESG trends to watch: What are the main ESG trends we see impacting investors and companies in the coming year?
  • Regional energy security: How does Central and Eastern Europe perform when it comes to energy transition?
  • Energy efficiency: As calls increase for the world’s economies to move away from fossil fuels, how energy efficiency can underscore these efforts?


Hotel Marriott Budapest is the venue of the Budapest Climate Summit, which awaits the guests of the Summit on the banks of the Danube River with the most beautiful view to the city. Hotel Marriott Budapest is our partner to guarantee the highest safety standards for our participants.

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