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About us

Budapest Climate Summit is a niche event focusing on the green transition of the CEE region’s economy.

The summit brings together policy makers, industry experts, corporate leaders, technology pioneers and next generation sustainable leaders to share their perspectives on how to enable businesses and the civil society to deliver actions necessary to achieve climate objectives.

The first Budapest Climate Summit took place in 2020. The conference was attended by guests and speakers from a more than 21 countries including leaders of leading companies in Hungary and the region, high-ranking representatives of the government and European Union, cities and opinion leaders, who discussed the green transformation of the economy in the light of the 2050 climate targets. Encouraged by the success of the event the Budapest Climate Summit will be organised in 2021 as a two-days conference.

Hot topics

Climate change is now affecting every country on every continent. It is a global challenge that requires coordinated, complex and urgent solutions on every level of policy-making.

At the Budapest Climate Summit you will learn about:

  • On the road towards a Low-Carbon Economy: How companies contribute to making their operations and the economy more sustainable and resilient across various industries?

  • The Transforming Energy System: What are the main accomplishments and how should we go on?
  • Innovation, the Key Driver of Sustainability: Top technological innovations that will shape the sustainability agenda of the future.

  • The future of circular economy: how should we enhance the uptake of a low-carbon, climate-resilient circular economy where today’s products are tomorrow’s resources.

  • Sustainable Finance and Investment: The role of green-finance in climate change mitigation, integration of ESG (Environmental, social and governance) criteria in the investment portfolio of financial and corporate actors.

  • Clean Transport and Smart Mobility: How can we manage to reduce the harmful environmental impacts of the transportation sector which accounts for almost one-third of the European carbon emissions?
  • Smart Urban Solutions: The development of a smart city ecosystem with sustainable solutions in local mobility; integrated infrastructure; logistics and public services.
  • Preserving Biodiversity: Protecting and restoring nature for the benefit of people and the planet to tackle climate change and encourage sustainable development.


János Áder

President of Hungary

Anita Orbán

External Affairs Director, Deputy Chairwoman of the Board, Vodafone Hungary

Matt Simister

Central European CEO, TESCO

Attila Ságodi

Partner, Dentons Europe Consulting

Zsolt Jamniczky

Member of the Board of Directors, E.ON Hungaria Zrt.

Gergő Lencsés

General manager, Gas Turbines Value Chain, GE Gas Power

Barna Tánczos

Minister of Environment, Waters and Forests, Romania

Grzegorz Zielinski

Director, Head of Energy Europe, EBRD

Péter Horváth

CEO, Dunamenti Power Plant, MET Group

Line Hestvik

Chief Sustainability Officer, Allianz SE

András Biczók

CEO and Chairman of Board of Directors, MAVIR Hungarian Independent Transmission Operator

László Varró

Vice President Global Business Environment, Shell

Yvon Slingenberg

Director, DG Climate Action, European Commission

Zsolt Bertalan

Chief Technology Innovation Officer, MVM Hungarian Electricity Ltd

Diana Ürge-Vorsatz

Vice Chair, Working Group III. of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

John Cooper

Director General, FuelsEurope

Balázs Németh

Chief Executive Officer, Porsche Hungaria

Eric Sievers

Director-Investments, ClonBio Group Limited

Attila Steiner

State Secretary for the Development of Circular Economy, Energy and Climate Policy, Ministry for Innovation and Technology, Hungary

Christian Zinglersen

Director, ACER - EU Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators

Dóra Zombori

Ambassador-at-Large for Energy and Climate, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Hungary

Christian Hürlimann

Renewables CEO, MET Group

Alexander V. Protsenko

CEO, Allianz Hungária

Anne Larilahti

Vice President for Sustainability, Finnair

Mike Freer MP

Minister for Exports, United Kingdom

Pekka Timonen

Mayor of Lahti, European Green Capital 2021

Barbara Botos

Deputy State Secretary for Climate Policy, Ministry of Innovation and Technology, Hungary

Julian Popov

Fellow, European Climate Foundation

Zsófia Beck

Managing Director, Partner, Boston Consuting Group

Pietro Calice

Senior Financial Sector Specialist, World Bank

Péter Kaderják

Head of Zero Carbon Hub, Hungary

Beverley Cornaby

Senior Programme Manager, The Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group, United Kingdom

Jorge Pinto Antunes

Cabinet Member of Commissioner for Agriculture & Rural Development, European Commission

Joanna Maćkowiak-Pandera PhD

CEO, Forum Energii, Poland

Pál Ságvári

Vice President, Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (HEA)

Manuel Dueñas

Head of Division, Public Sector in Central and South-East Europe, EIB

András Jenei

President, KBA Central European Safety Training and Research Center

Jakub Groszkowski

Executive Director, Central Europe Energy Partners (CEEP)

Kjell Arne Barmsnes

Chair, ENTSO-E Market Committee

Peter Dovhun

Chairman of the Board and CEO, SEPS - National Transmission System Operator, Slovakia

Konstantin Ivanov

Regional Coordinator for Central and Eastern Europe, Global Water Partnership

Gabriella Sódar

Head of Organizational Development and Acceleration, Blue Planet Climate Protection Foundation

Tahir Kapetanovic

Chair, ENTSO-E System Operations Committee; Head of National Control Center of Austrian Power Grid AG

Gergő Batta

Deputy CEO for Operations, MAVIR Hungarian Transmission System Operator

Claudia Patricolo

Editor-in-Chief, CEENERGYNEWS

András Huszár

Co-Founder and Director, Green Policy Center

Liz Madaras

Co-Founder and CEO, Poliloop

Gábor Földvári

Research Associate Professor, Institute of Evolution, Centre for Ecological Research

Fanni Mátyók

individual children’s rights expert

Eran Raizman

Senior Animal Health & Production Officer, FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia

Gábor Kiss

Climate Activist, Hungary

Roxána Kunos

Youth Ambassador, Unicef Hungary

Benedek Mile

Student, Award Winner of the National Climate Competition of Hungary in 2021

György Harmati

Host of the Budapest Climate Summit


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Hotel Marriott Budapest is the venue of the Budapest Climate Summit, which awaits the guests of the Summit on the banks of the Danube River. Hotel Marriott Budapest is our partner to guarantee the highest safety standards for our participants.

Networking Party

The Networking Party of the Budapest Climate Summit will take place after the first day of the conference, 7 October at the Liz and Chain Sky Lounge of Hotel Marriott Budapest that offers a beautiful view of the city. The ticket includes participation at the Networking Party as well.

Budapest Climate Summit 2020


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