Dácil Borges

Global Director of Consultancy, Xdroid

Dácil Borges is a dynamic technology and innovation specialist with a remarkable career history. Currently, as the Global Director of Consultancy at Xdroid, they are at the forefront of shaping AI technology solutions. Their exceptional expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP) was recognized with the “Award to the Best TI Project in Text Analytics and NLP” issued by Contact Center Hub in June 2023.
Dácil's innovative approach on several lines like AI, digitalization, voice recognition, and data management, examples lifted during her time as Innovation Director at E-voluciona by Intelcia for the last 5 years. As a Digital strategy and transformation consultant, she has worked with large energy companies like Endesa and Repsol to turn new technologies into real projects.

Earlier in her career, she worked as Chief Marketing & Business Officer at Parkifast, Digital Strategy Consultant at DriveSmart, and Account Manager of TradeDoubler. Those positions have served to work with a wide variety of well-known companies, such as Apple, HP, British Airways, Vodafone, Orange, and many others. Her career also includes the foundation of an ad-tech company, FlipFlap Media was a performance marketing agency with clients in 14 countries. Focused on web businesses to become mobile platforms and grow internationally.

Beyond tech, they have also made a meaningful impact as the Founder and President of the Click that Matters Foundation, dedicated to empowering non-profits with technology and marketing strategies. Recognized as a finalist for “Young Executive of the Year” at Budapest Energy Summit 2018, Dácil's multidisciplinary approach continues to drive innovation at the intersection of technology and social impact.