Kulcsárné Dr. Takács Krisztina

Chief Financial Officer, SolServices

Krisztina Kulcsárné Dr. Takács graduated from the Budapest University of Economics, and then became a JD at ELTE and the member of ACCA. During her studies for the Global Executive MBA at IE she visited several internationally renowned universities from Los Angeles to Madrid and Singapore. In her professional career, she spent almost 2 decades with Hungarian and international investment funds, banks gaining diversified experience on the financing side in several industries.
Since 2018, she has been part of the SolServices team, running the company and participating in the development of a 1000 MWp PV portfolio. She had an undisputed key role in the successful closing of Hungary's largest bilateral PV financing in 2021. The L/C scheme she helped to set up won the Deal of the Year award. She believes that we can change and transform current energy production and use patterns and disrupted technologies, which would put Hungary on the world's renewable energy map.
“We should never be satisfied with what we have, we should look for further challenges and opportunities.”