Linda Zeilina

Founder & CEO, International Sustainable Finance Centre (ISFC)

Linda is the Founder & CEO of the International Sustainable Finance Centre (ISFC), where she oversees its work on sustainability strategies, sustainable investing, and international ESG standardisation reporting efforts. In 2023, Linda was selected as the 2023 Obama Europe Leader, and she joined the EU's Platform on Sustainable Finance to advise on the EU Taxonomy usability and the wider sustainable finance framework.
Linda is a Fellow at the Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) in London, a non-executive director at a London-based logistics startup, Pedal Me, and a Member of the Agora Energiewende Council for Europe. She is also an advisory board member at the Romanian Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (RoSIF) and the Czech Sustainable Investing Forum (CzechSIF).
In 2021, Linda spent a few months as a Policy Leader Fellow at the EUI's School of Transnational Governance in Florence, where she focused on the EU sustainable finance rules and the role of impact investing. Linda is now working with the Florence School of Banking and Finance on climate-related prudential supervision and EU Sustainable Finance Agenda, helping to design and execute training courses for different market participants and supervisors.
Previously, Linda was a Director at Re-Define, a London-based boutique consultancy working on advising major financial sector actors across Europe and in the US on climate finance and sustainability integration. In the past, Linda's work has focused on ways to drive transformational change, and how to develop and implement internal corporate sustainability initiatives. Over the years, she has worked as an advisor to prominent politicians, large asset managers, pension funds and European investment funds. Linda is an alumna of the University of Glasgow, McGill University and the London School of Economics.