Peter Dovhun

Chairman of the Board and CEO, SEPS - National Transmission System Operator, Slovakia

Since February 2021, Peter Dovhun is the Chairman of the Board and CEO, SEPS, the National Transmission System Operator of Slovakia. After graduating from the Faculty of Commerce, University of Economics, Bratislava, Peter co-founded a PR agency Interel, currently known as Seesame, one of the most successful PR agencies in Slovakia. After a successful entrepreneurial experience, Peter spent 11 years working in leadership positions in global technology companies Motorola and Microsoft. Between 2011 and 2013, Peter held a Country Manager position at s&t Slovakia. In 2013 he joined Gratex International as Managing Director after in 2016 he joined Tachyum, a Slovakia and U.S based computer chip manufacturing company as Member of the Board of Advisors and then Managing Director. Before joining SEPS he worked for the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic as Advisor to the Ministry for IT.