Suzana Carp

Deputy Executive Director, Cleantech for Europe

Suzana Carp is an established EU climate and energy policy specialist, supporting Cleantech for Europe as its Deputy Executive Director. Previously, Suzana worked in an advisory capacity for several international NGOs as well as for EU institutions. In the past, Suzana has helped launch a transatlantic climate initiative and has overseen the development of a EU Green Diplomacy report for the European institutions.

Most notably, Suzana led several successful campaigns on behalf of various international NGOs which contributed to fixing the EU’s Carbon Market EU ETS pricing mechanism, to securing a EU Climate Law with an ambitious 2030 target and not least to the creation of a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism. As part of Cleantech for Europe, Suzana has contributed to making the EU’s cleantech response to the Inflation Reduction Act rise to the top of the political agenda. She has authored and co-authored several reports relevant to EU Green Deal and contributes to the Green Deal Industrial Plan closely. Lastly, Suzana has taught courses on EU Climate policy and the EU public agenda at Universities in France, the UK, Belgium and Romania.